Faith and Belief

Want to help us prevent suicide?

Faith and belief can play a crucial role in mental health and suicide prevention, offering individuals a sense of hope, purpose, and community. Spiritual practices and religious communities often provide emotional support, understanding, and a sense of belonging, which can be protective factors against feelings of isolation and despair.
Many faith traditions emphasise the value of life and encourage seeking help in times of distress, promoting resilience and coping mechanisms. Faith-based groups can be pivotal in providing guidance, counselling, and a compassionate ear, reinforcing the importance of mental health and the availability of support.
While faith and belief can offer significant support in suicide prevention, they can also have negative impacts if misapplied or misunderstood. Some religious communities may stigmatise mental health issues, viewing them as a lack of faith or moral failing, which can discourage individuals from seeking professional help. Additionally, certain interpretations of religious scripture might condemn those experiencing suicidal thoughts, further isolating them and exacerbating their struggles.
In this section you will find organisations for all cultures and religions that can offer help, support and guidance



These downloadable assets can be put up in any hall, religious setting, kitchen or anywhere they may be seen to help anyone worried about someone experiencing suicidal thoughts or in crisis.

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