40% of men will never talk about their mental health.


Suicide is the biggest killer in men under 50 years of age, that’s higher than cancer, heart disease and road traffic accidents.

We want you to know you are NOT alone.

  • 77% of men polled have suffered with common mental health symptoms like anxiety, stress or depression
  • 40% of men have never spoken to anyone about their mental health
  • 29% of those who haven’t done so say they are “too embarrassed” to speak about it, while 20% say there is a “negative stigma” on the issue
  • The biggest cause of mental health issues in men’s lives are work (32%), their finances (31%) and their health (23%)
  • 40% of men polled said it would take thoughts of suicide or self-harm to compel them to seek professional help*
*stats taken from the Priory

Talking to someone about mental health can be hard and men often feel as though they have to hide their feelings and emotions.

If talking and opening up is hard joining a group can be a great way to be around like minded people and do some fun activities.



MEN’S SHED have groups all over the Country, they’re community spaces for men to connect and converse, often around sheds and shed activities like building and woodwork.  Their aim is to reduce loneliness, isolation and have fun.

Find your local Men’s Shed here: https://menssheds.org.uk/


ANDYSMANCLUB are a men’s suicide prevention charity, offering free-to-attend peer-to-peer support groups across the United Kingdom and online. We want to end the stigma surrounding men’s mental health and help men through the power of conversation. #ITSOKAYTOTALK

Find your local Men’s Shed here: https://andysmanclub.co.uk/


MANUP? raise awareness about mental health among men through our charity. There are times when we laugh. Other times, we get serious. We sometimes discuss awkward topics. Occasionally, we will make a mistake. MANUP?

Find out more about MANUP? here: https://www.manup.how/


MAN KIND is a confidential helpline is available for male victims of domestic abuse and domestic violence across the UK as well as their friends, family, neighbours, work colleagues and employers.

Get more information about ManKind here: https://www.mankind.org.uk/